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Family Fun Day 2010

Travis "T-Bone" Turner Joins Five Hundred Guests at The Outdoor Store's Family Fun Day

A highly successful Family Fun Day event at The Outdoor Store brought families together through the sport of archery. Over 500 guests were on hand during the September 11 festivities that were highlighted by an appearance from archery legend Travis "T-Bone" Turner.

On Saturday, September 11, The Outdoor Store kicked off the new school year with Family Fun Day. The event was sponsored in part by Bullzeye Archery and Hoyt. The Outdoor Store, located at 6550 Routes 5 & 20 in Bloomfield, New York, is nationally known for its fun, family-oriented atmosphere and the largest selection of Carhartt© in the area, American-made Johnson Wool, footwear, local products, and live bait.

From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Family Fun Day was packed to the hilt with entertainment and giveaways. To keep the crowd well nourished, there was plenty of food on site, including a scrumptious chicken BBQ with assorted sides.

The Outdoor Store and various sponsors coordinated the event to educate the public on the benefits of archery as a family activity. In an effort to dispel pre-conceived notions about archery, many of the day’s events focused on the positive benefits of archery as a family activity.

"A lot of people assume that archery is the same as bow hunting when that couldn’t be further from the truth," said Rich Albaugh, Co-owner of The Outdoor Store and Manager of the Bullzeye Archery pro shop and shooting range. "It’s pretty common for people to associate archery with killing animals. However, there is a distinction between the sport of archery and hunting animals for sport. Family Fun Day was an effort on our behalf to bring families together and show them the joy they can get from spending time together on the range."

And with over 500 attendees, the message was loud and clear … "archery is a blast!" When they weren’t on the free 3D range, parents were watching their children horse around in the bounce house or ride the ponies.

Of course the highlight of the event was the appearance of archery legend Travis "T-Bone" Turner. Travis has been called the Adam Sandler of archery and is one of the most recognized faces in the sport. He has worked with a host of celebrities and professional athletes including Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, and David Blanton.

Guests couldn’t get enough of T-Bone, scrambling to get his autograph. And to top it all off, Travis rounded up the young ones and started his own version of American Idol, swapping the sweet sound of soul crooning for carefully executed turkey calls.

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Travis here for this event," said Jason Louster, Manager of The Outdoor Store. "Considering he is only making a handful of appearances in the Northeast, we were blessed to have him here sharing his love of the sport and his sense of humor. Hopefully he can make it back for next year’s Family Fun Day."

If the success of this year’s event is any indication, there will be plenty more Family Fun Days to come. "I’ve always been amazed at all the people that come from miles away and tell us how much they love the store," said Gail Bell, Owner of The Outdoor Store. "Family Fun Day just reinforces what I’ve been saying for years … we’re the biggest lil’ store in the Finger Lakes. It was very touching to see so many people come out in support of the store and the sport of archery. We can’t thank you enough for coming!"

Family Fun Day 2010

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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